About Us

Oneriver is a fintech company founded in 2019 with a mission to help financial firms complete the digital transformation of their wealth management services. The company is founded by the founders and assistant general managers of Infina Software, a 25 year old fintech company. Oneriver's team consists of 3 product managers and 4 software engineers. The areas Oneriver focuses on and keeps investing in are robo-advisory, machine learning, investor risk profiling, goal based investing, and robo-fund. Oneriver, with its 2 patent applications, is the first and most advanced robo-advisory infrastructure for the firms interested in digital wealth management.

Oneriver Team

Burak Arslanpay-profile-photo


Product Management

Burak Arslanpay

Burak is one of the co-founders of Oneriver and he is in charge of product management and operations. He studied Business Management at Istanbul University between 1989 and 1993. Following his graduation, he worked in capital markets for 17 years and then joined Infina Software. He has a level 3 license from CMA.

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Mert Ülkgün

Mert is one of the co-founders of Oneriver and he is in charge software development. He received his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering and his masters degree in MIS from Yildiz Teknik University. He has been working on capital markets software products since 2005.